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Luke Havard

Hi I’m Luke, welcome to my site. This is a place I share my insights and experience of 15+ years as an entrepreneur, dealmaker, investor and advisor.

I wear a number of different hats and love the diversity and variety I get to experience every day.

I’m the VP of buy side at Hello Exit, a boutique advisory helping successful SaaS, E-commerce and subscription businesses to exit.

I'm the founder of ScalePros advising founders of high growth tech businesses and helping them scale up. Learn more about ScalePros 

I'm a sparring partner (exec coach) to founders and executives, helping them to navigate their biggest challenges and opportunities and make better strategic decisions. I've been fortunate to do this for some very successful people. Work with Luke

I love traveling and have also lived in the UK, Europe, Australia and Colombia.

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What Others Say

Brad Costanzo

Costanzo Capital LLC

"Luke was integral to me as an advisory partner on an acquisition. He helped me navigate a complex deal with ease and provided deal structures that turned around what could have been a dead deal into a lucrative venture."

Demian Beenakker

Founder STOQ.COM (Partial exit)

I was introduced to Luke in 2016 when I was looking for ways to scale my business. Before working with Luke I had worked hard building an established brand in the Netherlands from zero to €12m. After a short time talking to Luke I knew that he could help me to transform the way that I think about my business, so in May 2017 I hired him to advise us. Luke has helped me to design a growth strategy that will help me to scale to €50m. "

Kristin Delwo

Founder of Stacks (Acquired)

"Luke's coaching services have proven to be an invaluable asset to my continued success. He consistently offers insightful depth of perspective while providing meaningful feedback. Luke is approachable, trustworthy and real. I would recommend his services to anyone seeking honest and constructive growth opportunities."

Cem Hurturk

Founder SendLoop and 50 SaaS

"Working with Luke has been an amazing experience. His knowledge and expertise in the area of business growth and valuation has completely changed the way that I think about and run my businesses. He has helped me to identify and resolve multiple problem areas and opportunities to increase valuation."